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Emacs CDROM Mode

Emacs cdrom mode is a major mode to enable audio CDs to be controlled from within Emacs. It has been under use and development for several years and is stable.

It is released under the GNU General Public License. This means it is free for you to download the latest version and use.


It supports all the features you would expect from a CD player, for example, track listings, track skipping, etc. In addition, the track number and track time are displayed in the modeline.

At the moment freedb is not supported. Please support freedb instead of the commercial CDDB.

Supported Systems

Currently, only XEmacs on Intel and Sparc Linux have been tested. If it works under other environments then please let me know.

Latest Version

The latest version can always be booked out of the CVS Repository using the following commands:

cvs login; cvs -z3 co emacscdrom

When prompted for a password, simply press the Enter key.

Current Bugs?

Bugs? Never! :-)

You can find current bugs on the bug tracker.

Developer Corner

More information is available on the developer site.

If you would like to become a developer, submit patches, or have ideas on how to improve the system, then this can be discussed on the general forum or you can mail me

Currently, the only developer is Ian Sheldon. I am currently working on a gtk-- version of the Yahoo ticker.

Project Homepage; Public Forums; Bug Tracking; Patch Manager; Public Mailing Lists; Public Surveys; CVS Repository.

Ian Sheldon

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